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Oncology and Hematooncology: Sharing Experience 2022

For the first time, leading Israeli oncologists on one stage!

Interdisciplinary interaction between specialists - how does it work in Israel

Conference speakers are the authors of over 300 scientific articles and have more than 10 international patents registered

Exchange experience and ideas with top specialists from Israel and Russia

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Professor Nisan Aviram

Professor Aviram is one of the most known and respected oncologists in Israel. Specializes in treating the most complex neoplasms. In addition, he treats metastases with hot chemotherapy and the removal of the metastases from the peritoneal region. Such operations significantly reduce the risk of recurrence and the appearance of metastases. Uses unique methods for the treatment of colorectal cancer, soft tissue tumours, and stomach carcinoma.

Leader of the Israeli Society of Oncological Surgery

Member of the board of the Israeli Surgeons Association

Member of the International Committee of Surgical Oncology

Member of the High Committee of the Peritoneal Surface Oncology International Group

Member of the European Society of Surgical Oncology

Professor Aviram published over 100 articles on practical surgery and edited essays in myriad medical journals.

Dr. Vladimir Weinstein

Doctor for Medical Sciences, head of the Hematology Department at the Hadassah Hematology Clinic in Jerusalem. Diagnoses and treats diseases such as leukemia, lymphogranulosis, lymphoma, anemia, hemophilia, multiple myeloma and other blood diseases and pathologies of the hematopoietic organs.

Dr. Paulina Potachenko

Specializes in the treatment of malignant blood diseases: leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, as well as therapeutic and supportive care for patients with blood diseases.

Member of the American Hematology Association and of the Israeli Association of Hematology and Blood Banks.

Mark Katzenelson

Founder and CEO of Sapir Clinic, founder of the Postgraduate Education Center at the Israeli Medical Training Academy, chairman of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association (IMTA), co-founder of the IsraelMedDay educational project.

IsraelMedDay Agenda

«Oncology and Hematooncology: Sharing Experience »
Format: online
Thursday, 17 may 2022
Conference Opening speech
Speaker Professor Nisan Aviram
Management of peritoneal surface malignancy: Past, present and future.
Speaker Dr. Vladimir Weinstein
AML - Revolution in treatment
Speaker Dr. Paulina Potachenko
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for gastrointestinal tumors
Mark Katzenelson
International medicine, why choose Israel?
Closing discussion


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